Our Story

Our Story – Being vegan and believing in a cruelty-free lifestyle, we searched all over for a lip balm that did not have beeswax, synthetic chemicals, petroleum or that did not test on animals or sell in China. We found very few. Even the “all-natural” ones had chemicals, “flavorings” and synthetics or did not meet our standards of being cruelty-free.

After a while of not finding what we wanted, we decided to make our own. We now had a mission – To make the best vegan lip care products on the planet, using the highest quality ingredients, and make sure that they were clean.

So, Smax Wax was born

We wanted Smax Wax to show, that even though we are serious about our ingredients and how our product is made, we are fun and stand out from the others in the market. So, we launched our lip balm line using just 7 ingredients in September of 2017. We decided on Sunflower Oil as our base to give it a smooth rich emollient feel. We produced 3 flavors to start. Pomegranate, Spearmint and Natural. Over the last few years, we have started using plastic tubes that use 30% less plastic than other brands and we produce our products sustainably using Solar and Wind energy.

As our business has grown, we have added other lip care products to include all-natural lip scrubs. Just as we did with our lip balms, we only use the highest quality ingredients that are NON-GMO, Organic and Fair Trade. For example, we use beet sugar in place of cane or processed sugar (which can be produced with animal ingredients or not fairly traded) and we use Palm Oil Free Vitamin C Ester.

We will continue to add more variations to these lines and will add more lip care products as they are developed. One thing we will keep doing is working towards improving our products and our footprint on this planet and adding to our story